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Naama Cohen


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Naama Cohen


Naama Cohen is known in Israel as one of the leading and breakthrough attorneys in the fields of health and personal injury, with rich experience of over 20 years, focusing on medical malpractice cases, car accidents, representation in front of different statutory medical committees, protecting the rights of patients in front of the National Insurance Institute of Israel, Health Maintenance Organizations, Ministry of Defense, hospitals and the Ministry of Health. In addition, Naama practice with family law, litigation, and with various areas of civil and commercial law.

Naama served as General Counsel of the Health Ministry´s Jerusalem district and dealt mainly with issues of public health. She has also served in various management positions and provided human resources and management consulting to different public and private organizations.
As a leader and knowledgeable in the field of Health law and policies, Naama had achieved many    accomplishments during her vast experience, in personal injury claims, including car accidents, work accidents, street accidents, students and others accidents. She had successfully represented claims against Health Maintenance Organizations, the Ministry of Health and insurance companies, and over patient’s rights, state health insurance, including the approval of specialized medical services, treatments and surgeries abroad, medications, and other chronic diseases, as well as claims under the Social Security Act, including representation at different committees of the National Insurance Institute of Israel.
Naama had graduated the Hebrew University in Jerusalem law school in 1991, and holds MA in Media and Communication studies of the American Clark University. 

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