IBC provides extensive knowledge in variety of legal aspects, business experience and personal commitment to our clients. We put the personal relationship and direct contact with our clients in the highest priority. We believe our success relies on our team. 

IBC Law was founded by professionals and it is one of the unique firms in Israel, with a proven track record of achievements and solutions for clients. IBC Law  is located at B.S.R 4 tower, and includes lawyers and notaries with diverse expertise in international trade, real estate transactions, labour, Hi - Tech, fund raising and investments, taxation, health law, personal injury, and commercial law.

Yair Nakar
Harel Cohen
Naama Cohen
Adam Znati
Daniel Srugo
Sapir Dvora
Eden Gershon
Ronit Evyasaf

Ronit Evyasaf

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Yuva Paztal

Einav Grinberg

As a team, we understand that our success depends on our clients’ satisfaction. Accordingly, IBC strives to provide its clients with superb service quality, meeting their needs and provide them with true added value.

We pursue devotion and cherish it.

Devotion to our clients.

Devotion of senior staff to junior team members and their families.

Devotion of our team to professionalism, knowledge and leadership values.    ..